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Report for Mahila Day Special Bhajan Antakshari - 19.6.21


The month of June brings with it a certain excitement which is absent in other months. It is the month of Academic beginnings. A month when children go to a new class. A new beginning where they learn new concepts, ideas. Make new friends. 

Well, the Sion Wadala Samiti celebrated its June month Mahila Day in a similar manner. Lots of learning, getting introduced to new concepts and applying their bhajan knowledge of their entire lifetime in this 1.5 hour activity. It was a Bhajan Antakshari Program for the Mahilas by the Mahilas of the Samithi. The details of the antakshari rounds were informed in advance to the participants so that they could prepare for it. 

Days prior to the program, there was feverish studying of Bhajan Books and mock rounds amongst the participants within their teams. It was as though the participants were gearing up for "Board Exams of Bhajans!"


5 teams, namely SATHYA, DHARMA, SHANTI, PREMA & AHIMSA were pre-formed. Each of the teams had 4 participants. In all, there were 20 Mahila participated in this fun event which was conducted online on Zoom. A separate 4-member team of mahilas took up the task of conducting the program. This included hosting the event, gathering and compiling of media to be used for the antakshari rounds, Time-keeping, Score-board and answers ratification. A lot of planning and effort went into the groundwork of organizing the event.


Finally, the D-day dawned, 19th Jun'2021. The program began as usual with Vedam. Mantrapushpam was chanted by a Mahila Youth. After that, all participants were explained the rules of the games. All participants were asked to name their login with the Team Name followed by their name. Eg.: Sathya - Nilima, Ahimsa - Indira, etc. 5 rounds played were in all. 

1. Geet Gata Chal - This was the traditional antakshari round. 

2. Rail Gaadi or Magnet - In this round, there was a spin the wheel where the team was given a word and th


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